Purchasing a horse or pony is a big decision. You need to consider breed, size and training style. Katy’s Corral specializes in helping you determine which horse best suits your individual needs and riding abilities. We have a variety of horses for sale at our barn in Dodgeville, WI. Whether you need a trail horse, family horse, performance horse or friendly companion, we have a horse for you!

Katy’s Corral prides itself on having a variety of horses and ponies to choose from. If you’re a weekend trail rider looking for a sure-footed and reliable mount, we have that. Need a husband and kid safe horse, we have that too. If you’re looking for your next show project or equine athlete to compete on, we can help you there too.

Planning to come out to the barn to test ride your prospective new horse or pony? Please take a moment to complete our riding waiver.